With Coronavirus Decreasing Ad Spend, Brands Lean on Cost-Effective Affiliate Channel

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Affiliate marketing was already considered cost-effective and low-risk prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic. But now that we are a full six months into this thing, the channel has only proven its resilience even further.

And it makes sense that with its back against the ropes due to the unforeseen spread of a world-altering virus, this channel continued to perform adequately, and in many cases even better than before.

Brands that needed to reach their target audiences through digital channels had many options, but it was the affiliate channel and CPA “performance” payment structures that have made it easiest to secure optimal ROAS and get a brand’s dollar’s worth in a time when that dollar means even more.

And with the newly available Purply App, customers who are interested can stretch that dollar even further.

According to InfluencerMarketingHub, 69% of brands decreased advertising spend in 2020. We’re talking about canceled, paused, and heavily altered campaigns in an effort to save and reallocate funds due to an uncertain future.

We get it. The last thing that might be on your mind right now is an investment in advertising. However, hear me out.

The affiliate channel can be turned on and off relatively quickly and without much of a fuss. And by working with a product like Purply App, your brand can get going with a robust affiliate program for $99/mo or $992/annually.

All things considered, that’s a drop in the bucket that can help you access all the ROI you could imagine, through the affiliate channel.

Customer support and our expert team are here to help, but the great thing is this whole experience is tailored to your brand! The moment you start using it, it gets smarter and more advanced. Let our automated algorithm learn everything it can about your brand.

Leverage all of our affiliate performance data (we don’t mind!), which spans across all verticals and even goes international and all the way back to 2012. The app will create customized KPI reports and allow for you to track the performance of your affiliates in real time.

Gain access to all of the following types of affiliates:

Blogs: Regardless of your familiarity with online blogs, allow us to harness the power of specialized content publishers who can help illuminate and demystify what your product has to offer. These blogs can cater to an audience that actively seeks out the best information relating to whatever field or vertical your brand falls under. Bringing publishers on board who operate in this domain can help any brand drive high-impact marketing campaigns which deliver fast results.

Business news websites: Various news portals such as Business Insider, CNET, or Mashable, feature content that consumers can use to figure out more about your vertical. Of course, in this case, these publishers might be more focused on tech products or financial services but nowadays there’s much more crossover than you’d think. These websites are regularly accessed by keen observers of updates on various sectors, who could be one of the primary target audiences for your brand.

Comparison sites: Comparison sites invite immense traffic of consumers who are interested in getting the best deals on products or services which are most suitable for them from the budget and consumption point of view.

Contextual advertising: Contextual advertising is a marketing model where affiliates or publishers can target consumers based on their specific interests. These platforms provide relevant content, targeting a particular set of audience for whom unnecessary features are eliminated based on their past browsing behavior, making it one of the most effective platforms for brands of all kinds. The companies can also get their products featured in specialized content meant to meet specific ends.

E-mail inventories: Brands can supply relevant information to potential and current consumers via newsletters in their email inboxes. Information on latest offers, new updates on products and useful information on services can be relayed to the customers who otherwise find ads, SMS-marketing intrusive and use ad-blockers on their devices. Your company can work together with content affiliate sites that send out value-based articles and ideas with other exciting information about the brands, promoting more subscriptions and sales.

There are countless other affiliate-types to choose from, but the point is your brand only must pay when one of these aforementioned methods of selling your product or service works. So at the point of conversion, the publisher is paid, you make the sale, and everyone wins.

Of course, in time, you will develop your own data on what works and what doesn’t. Utilizing Purply, you’ll be able to track this information to your advantage, making your experience more and more efficient and cost-effective.

Because let’s face it, nobody knows how much longer the world will be on pause. But if we can continue to go step by step, increasing monthly revenue during this time due to a marketing method based on a theoretical concept that you should only pay for performance, you’ll come out a winner.

We truly believe, even when we’re not dealing with Coronavirus, this channel is one of the most effective. It can’t hurt to give it a try. The risk is minimal but the payoff is potentially large.

If you’re interested, check us out at purply.com!

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