Purply Feature Spotlight: Fresh Faces

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Passion for what you do comes with a lot of late nights, Google searches for Posturepedic desk options, and questions. I know I can personally attest to the last one. It’s only my third week here and my list of questions about affiliate marketing is vast. That said, if you’re a brand trying to grow through affiliate marketing, you may have a few yourself. 

Will affiliates truly help my brand? How? Where and how do I even begin to find qualified and relevant affiliates for my brand’s vertical? What are the best types of affiliates? And, maybe one of the most important, can I trust that an affiliate will drive sales for my brand? 

Hmm… All relevant questions and all worthy of answers. I’ve got at least one in mind that begins to address everything and it’s only one word. One word for 5 questions? It can’t be. Oh, yes, it can. The magic word (no, it’s not “please”) is recruitment

Recruitment, you say? Yes, right! Simply put, recruitment is the process of identifying and bringing in new high-value affiliates so that they can begin promoting your brand and driving sales through content and reviews or coupon and loyalty websites.

Bringing in and building your first few affiliate partnerships is absolutely amazing, but it doesn’t stop there. Affiliate recruitment isn’t a one-time effort, it should always be an important part of your ongoing affiliate marketing strategy. 

Our Director of Technology and resident Purply pro, Rowland H, agrees. “Recruitment is the driving force behind any successful affiliate program and should be the primary focus for any new brand in the affiliate space,” he says. 

Roger that, Rowland. Just one thing. Why is it so important to center in on recruitment? Well, it’s one of the biggest keys to successful growth for your affiliate program. 

A lot of, if not most, businesses find that 80% of their affiliate sales come from the top 20% of their affiliates, but we aim to resolve that need to rely on a few small affiliates for the majority of sales. When you use Purply, we’ll introduce you to a bunch more top-performing affiliates that you could be working with to diversify your portfolio. 

Getting down to it, recruiting affiliates, especially top performers, is without a doubt one of the most important parts of managing your program. But the thing is, it’s also one of the most time-consuming, difficult, and labor-intensive. 

That said, the big question that remains is: How can you recruit these top affiliates to drive the previously mentioned 80% of total affiliate sales? 

Dun, dun, d-u-u-u-n. Luckily, we’ve got something that can answer all of those questions, and it begins and ends with Purply’s Fresh Faces feature. 

Our Senior Technology Account Manager, Christian H, mentions that with the feature, Purply has the ability to provide you with tailored recommendations for affiliates—ones that are not only top performers in your vertical, but who are also driving the most revenue across hundreds of other similar programs. 

“One of the most powerful tools Purply users gain access to is our Fresh Faces report. This report leverages years of performance data and partnership history with our affiliates to deliver an easy-to-use interface that addresses the question many businesses have: ‘How do I find the right affiliates to grow my program and sustain its success?’,” Christian says. 

So, the Fresh Faces feature brings ease and comfort to the process of finding the right affiliates for program growth and success? Is that right?

According to Rowland, yes. He adds, “The Fresh Faces list and Purply take the guesswork out of recruitment by providing a custom and dynamic list of the specific affiliates most likely to drive both traffic and conversions for any client in any vertical.”

Incredible? Completely. But let’s dive in just a little further. 

Say we want to find the best affiliates for a client in the food and beverage vertical. As a user of Purply, the Fresh Faces report allows you a close look at the entire vertical to see all top-performing affiliates sorted by categories like revenue, clicks, conversions, and more. Then, with all of its aggregate performance data, it suggests the most relevant and successful food and beverage affiliates that aren’t yet in that client’s program. 

And really, when you think about it, that’s no easy feat. 

Looking at statistics on the Purply homepage, there are a total of over 1.23 million registered affiliate websites out there with a colossal 92% that are inactive, fraudulent, or non-performing. Despite such a narrow mix of top-performing affiliates, the Fresh Faces report can still cut through the fluff and give you exactly what will work for your program. 

That, my Internet friends, is a win. To wit, here are some of Fresh Faces’ best assets: 

  • Fresh Faces continues to provide new recommendations as you add more and more affiliates to your program. With that, a clear recruitment roadmap is always available.
  • When you zero in on the best affiliates for your brand, it’s never a complicated process to get in touch with them. We provide their contact information and recommended templates for your outreach with them. 
  • The feature will automatically pull performance data to show you the total and vertical-specific metrics of affiliates who aren’t currently in your program.

And this is all just one of the many intuitive features that Purply offers to its SaaS clients. Between your brand and finding the right affiliate to power your sales and revenue growth lies one thing: The Fresh Faces report. 

If this at all piqued your curiosity and made you think about the 8 billion questions I posed here, maybe give Purply a try. You might be amazed at how fresh (pun intended) it is. 

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