Purply App is the Perfect Self-Gift For Entrepreneurs This Holiday Season

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Bootstrapped entrepreneurs understand, probably better than anyone, the benefits of keeping costs to a minimum.

Unless you have some ridiculous amount of funding or a billionaire uncle to back you, you need to operate as efficiently as possible. That is of course especially true at first, and probably even further down the line as well.

For this very reason, I’d like to break down exactly how business owners who don’t have the luxury of having an unlimited marketing budget can create and develop an affiliate program through Purply App for a mere $99/month.

And even with only a limited amount of knowledge regarding affiliate marketing, how they can deploy expertly crafted strategies in no time that will generate revenue.

So, let’s dive right into it.

What exactly is Purply, you ask?

It’s a grab-and-go solution offering the ability to gain an advantage in the digital realm through the affiliate channel. This is especially important during the ever-popular Q4 holiday season and makes a huge difference for smaller businesses.

However, we don’t believe only small companies can benefit from Purply App.

We have data from Fortune 500 companies and ‘mom and pop’ shops alike. Through machine learning and automation technology, this data can help elevate your business quite easily. And it can do so at a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods.

On top of gearing up for Q4, we have certainly found that the spread of Coronavirus also has amplified the importance of having a robust digital marketing strategy. Right now, a much higher percentage of end-customers are embarking on shopping journeys through digital channels.

So, what can I expect and how quickly can I see results through the app?

Once you have access to the app, Purply can analyze over 10,000,000 data points similar to your business profile to provide the most immediate path to success. It can do so in a fraction of a second and it will feed you information in an easy-to-consume and actionable format.

Through it’s intuitive interface, feel free to sit back and watch while Purply begins serving daily suggestions for new affiliate partners, commission rates, proven campaign ideas, trend expectations, and of course, an associated sales forecast to accommodate your playbook.

The great thing about the app is it gets better through its advanced algorithm the longer you use it. However, you can dive into a full-fledged affiliate marketing program within literal minutes.

We’ll gladly provide you with a training and onboarding experience plus dedicated client support, but we are fairly confident that you’ll be able to gain comfort and familiarity with the product quite quickly.

What data comes with Purply?

Purply holds over 14,415,517 successful sales conversions, with each tying back to a specific campaign and traffic source.

This data spans across 23 business verticals, so you’re almost certain to find what you’re looking for in terms of a comparable business that has seen success through working with Advertise Purple to develop their program.

Think of it as your own personal account manager, data analyst, and operations manager at your disposal, all with almost a decade of experience. And on top of that experience, imagine they know your specific vertical inside and out.

87,730 affiliate partners to choose from may seem daunting at first, but again, the intuitive and seamless nature of the app will help you find the ones that can drive revenue for your business. In the end, we prioritized ease of use and adding value when building this app.

Hopefully, that will become abundantly clear very quickly if you decide to give Purply a go.

Purply sounds cool, but what if I want to have the full-service agency experience too?

We’re more than happy to onboard new customers who are interested in our classic full-service agency offering.

Think of Purply as a tech product we’ve developed over the years based on the data and experience we’ve gathered as an agency. Our internal team uses it daily and we certainly emphasize its use when working with our clients as well.

There are still clients who want that human-to-human contact. We get it, and we are happy to offer that kind of full service to whoever needs it. But again, if you’re an early stage business or for whatever reason you just want to be as efficient as possible, Purply is for you.

Please reach out at partnerships@purplyapp.com if you have any additional questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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