Introducing Purply App, a SaaS Product By Advertise Purple

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Is this thing on? Testing, testing. Welcome to the official blog of Purply App, powered by Advertise Purple.

Stay tuned for more information about our newest initiative, proprietary technology in the form of automated software that will allow clients of all sizes to get even more value from the worldwide leader in affiliate marketing management.

Think of it as a DIY offering of our services, which will be directly linked to the extensive data we have at our disposal. It will make recommendations, monitor campaigns, offer up trends, help with the affiliate recruitment process, complete KPI reports, and much more.

It’s a perfect alternative to our full affiliate management service for small businesses with a tighter budget, but at the same time, the app will be a great supplement to larger accounts too.

In general, the idea is to take our expertise and offer it up in an easy-to-manage application.

Nothing can beat working directly with our expert staff, but let’s just say we came as close as possible to replicating that in a piece of technology. This app was made by professionals who know how the affiliate channel works.

With workspaces and dashboards designed for ease-of-use and simplicity, we put the user first when developing and designing this product.

We look forward to hearing feedback from those aforementioned brands that will be some of the first to dip their toes into Purply. It’s been a long time coming, with lots of R&D work to get us to this point.

So, now, the rubber meets the road.

Like with early adopters of any app, there is certain to be a learning curve.

Please reach out to us through email at We’re always more than happy to assist our customers.

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