How to Optimize Your Affiliate Conversion Rate

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On social media sites like Facebook, many people will call themselves your “friends” even if you’ve never met them in real life. But as many know, real friends are the ones that stick beside you, share late-night conversations and will pick you up from the airport.

Likewise, you may think your business is booming if it’s getting high traffic. After all, what’s better than millions of eyes on your product? But if you’re not closing sales, then all of those visits don’t really mean anything.

Your brand’s conversion rate is a key factor to measure the success of your affiliate marketing campaign. Afterall, its your job to makes sales, not friends. The more sales the better sounds like a no-brainer, but a conversion rate is the measure of how effective you are at turning visitors into customers and a low rate is a sign that you’re missing out on opportunities with interested buyers. 

So how do you turn traffic into opportunity? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you exactly what strategies you should be implementing. 

Your brand should have a strong call to action

It’s important to give your audience an offer that they can’t refuse. While we’re not suggesting you embrace your inner Michael Corleone (please no dead horses), a strong call to action will help you drive sales.

So what is a call to action? It’s a method in which you offer your viewers an incentive to perform an action. For example, a popular one is getting visitors to sign up with their email in exchange for a discount. This encourages both engagement and sales but also helps add visitors to your line of returning customers. 

A great CTA should be both engaging and creative and should offer your customers something that has real value that will encourage them to close a sale.

Try to perform tests to see what works at driving conversions. 

You know they say that failure is the key to success, but the truth is testing multiple methods of failure is the true key to making it in the business world. A/B testing should be a regular part of your conversion strategy.

This is the method in which you change one variable on your site, leaving everything else the same, to test how it can affect your site. For example the size, color and placement of your “add to cart” or “buy” buttons could all have an impact on how likely you are to make a sale, but you won’t know which one is best unless you’re testing different options. 

Demonstrate your product’s value.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must surely be a billion. You can write about your product all you want, but at the end of the day, it’s better to show it in action. High-quality and well-produced how-to and product demonstration videos are a great way to show off your product and create trust with your shoppers that what you’re selling actually works. 

While it’s always important to get eyes on your product, remember that the most important factor at the end of the day is the number of sales you make. Striving for a high conversion rate will help your business flourish. 

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