How Purply App’s Reasonable Pricing Stacks Up With Other Marketing Methods

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For the sake of transparency, let’s just be completely upfront here. Advertise Purple’s new automated SaaS product Purply App is both reasonably priced ($99/mo or $992/yr) and offers the best possible DIY affiliate marketing package you can find on the market.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, looking at that price might have piqued your interest. But maybe you don’t know much about affiliate or you just don’t feel you have room in your marketing budget to allocate money towards an unknown, even at such a fair price.

If you need to gain some familiarity, we have a plethora of information you can look at explaining the benefits of affiliate marketing here. In this specific piece, I will not give you endless amounts of information and data on how great it is as a marketing strategy.

However, what I will do is allow you to compare it to some other options available to you, strictly from a pricing standpoint.

Because, as we all know, in 2020 saving money is important. Here is a range, keeping in mind different types of companies and how much you’d like to get out of the channel you choose to utilize.

As you’ll see rather quickly, even on the lower end, no method is competing with $99 per month. This data comes from WebFX:

SEO – search engine optimization

      • What’s included: Keyword research, on-page optimization, analytics setup & reporting, copy additions & updates, and link building
      • Estimated cost: $600 – $5,000 per month

PPC – pay per click advertising

        • What’s included: A PPC campaign with varying monthly PPC spend, access to Google Display Network, customer and audience match, and more.
        • Estimated cost: $2,500-$50,000 per month

Web design – building a web page that is robust and can drive conversions and traffic

          • What’s included: A website built to your company’s specifications
          • Estimated cost: $6,000 – $100,000 (one-time project cost)

Content marketing – outsourced or in-house

    • What’s included: Research and development of content ideas, content creation, content distribution & promotion, and link building.
    • Estimated cost: $1,500 – $10,000 per month

Social media marketing

    • What’s included: Strategy development, account setup, social media monitoring, writing and scheduling social media posts, and ad campaign management
    • Estimated cost: $500 – $3,000 per month

Email marketing

      • What’s included: Strategy development, template design, copywriting, landing page creation, and testing
      • Estimated cost: Free – $3,000 per month

And again, let me remind you about the Purply App option…

Purply App – affiliate marketing software as a service product

  • What’s included: affiliate recruitment, countless revenue opportunities, easy tracking and monitoring tools, a decade of e-commerce data
  • Cost: $82.67-$99 per month

The only option listed that could even compare was email marketing, which can be done for free in some cases. However, what that didn’t account for was the cost of your time.

In general, all of these methods could potentially be done for cheaper if you were to spend ungodly amounts of your precious time doing the work. However, with Purply App, as soon as you log on, you’re in business.

We’ve done a decade of work optimizing our affiliate strategies and working in every industry you could imagine, which has trained this product to be exactly what your business needs to affordably create new streams of revenue.

It unlocks the power of artificial intelligence, proven strategies that work, machine learning, and more that are absurdly cheap in comparison to more traditional alternatives.

Interested? Check out our site, We’d love to hear from you.

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