How A.I. Is Transforming Affiliate Marketing

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Hey, hello, hi, it’s Noelani popping in for a second to say that I’d like to introduce someone new to the Purply blog—our newest Content Manager, HaleyMikel P. Today she’s here with a post about A.I., so read on and enjoy!


Have you seen The Jetsons with their flying modes of transportation and robotic house helper Rosey who rolls around on her one leg, often with a vacuum cleaner in hand? Growing up we likely never imagined how close to our reality this would soon be. While most of us still can’t say that our house is suspended on stilts in the sky, we can relate to a self-driving car, and don’t get me started (or do!) on the advancements that have been brought about in recent years to the field of marketing as a whole, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

A.I. has bounded quickly across the fields of enhancement and development since the first recorded conception of the idea in 1956, but what exactly is it? Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? 

What is A.I. or Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, simply put, is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines.

A.I. collects and analyzes data and the data is then used to create codes, also known as algorithms. Algorithms are created by A.I. through the collection of data to recognize patterns and organize how that data behaves. These future predictions are mathematical codes. 

A.I. is continuously learning and improving its systems and the more data it collects, the smarter and more adaptable it gets. 

How is A.I. affecting marketing from a partnership perspective?

Because of the automation power behind A.I., it can regularly be a more effective option when compared to traditional human processes, due to its efficiency and lack of human error. 

A.I. is able to operate at substantially higher levels of speed and accuracy and because of this, more points of data are able to be collected more quickly. 

There are key points to take into consideration when comparing partnership options as they factor heavily into whether or not a partnership has the potential to reach campaign goals. While, traditionally, whether you’re an affiliate or an advertiser, you’ll conduct research to inform yourself before entering a new partnership, your ability to collect and analyze data will still have limits.

A.I. increases access to data including partnership histories, campaign successes, demographics, website traffic, reputation, and more. All of this information is used not only to create but to enhance the benefits that stem from comprehensively well-paired and well-managed partnerships. 

How is A.I. being used to enhance marketing practices from a visibility and connectivity perspective?

In affiliate marketing, the data collected through A.I. is invaluable. Knowing your audience is the golden egg, so that must make analytics the golden goose. 


Why? Refined analytics allow you to narrow in on the interests and needs of your niche audience. More directly targeting your audience will expose them to products they feel will enhance their lives and, in turn, that will increase your sales/commissions. So, it’s a win-win we think.

We already mentioned the super-human abilities of A.I. to collect and categorize information and, well, that value applies in this space just as heavily. Knowing demographics, how to generate automated responses, monitoring successful/unsuccessful campaigns, and all the rest fall into the collection of useful information that can be used as a result of A.I.


As Artificial Intelligence stays true to form and continues to grow, we can expect capabilities to expand and integration to stretch deeper into programs. Maybe it’s even time we embrace A.I. There are so many crucial insights to tap into and the possibilities are almost limitless. In the meantime, I hope that this sheds some light! 


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