Purply Is Your Affiliate Marketing Manager On Autopilot

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The most precious resource in any business is time. Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur just starting your first business, this is true.

How does a business just starting out find the time to grow their marketing? How does an established business handle marketing management and scale?

A successful business needs as many digital marketing channels as they can find. They need the process of finding these opportunities to not take weeks at a time. And once they have them, they need their marketing to require as little management as possible.

Affiliate marketing is a strong option for many companies. At first glance, just having a program seems like enough. However, as with any digital marketing option, once you dig in, the time and knowledge required for affiliate marketing management become an overwhelming obstacle.

There are a lot of affiliate publishers out there, but few who really know marketing.

How do you get the top affiliate in your industry to sell your product for you? How do you build relationships with the right affiliate? How do you not only start your program but handle proper management so you can see the kind of growth your business needs?

One option is to hire a digital agency for the management of your affiliate marketing. However, that’s not always the most cost-effective solution for small business owners. Also, some businesses would rather handle their affiliate marketing in-house, but with the marketing knowledge an agency has gathered over the years.

Purply App is a tool that can meet these needs. It isn’t an overstatement to say it can help a marketer understand how to revolutionize how they handle their affiliate marketing program.

What Makes Purply App Different For Affiliate Marketing Needs

No one understands affiliate marketing management like an affiliate management agency. They’ve put in the years working with clients and affiliates to gather the kind of experience any business could use for their marketing.

But what if there was a marketing tool that could give you access to that kind of experience?

Enter Purply, a software designed using the experience of an award-winning affiliate management agency.

Of course, managing affiliate marketing is a big job. An affiliate marketing manager would need to handle tasks like approving affiliate applications and tracking sales, at a minimum. A great affiliate manager will also be finding the high potential opportunities for growth in your marketing program.

A successful affiliate program will have great marketing materials, the right affiliate connections, and will always be growing. To run a program like this requires a blend of excellent technical data and actionable suggestions.

In the past, this has always required an amount of time that is out of reach for most businesses. Today, there is a new option.

What Happens When A Business Uses Purply For Their Marketing

The first step is to connect your affiliate program to Purply.

Once this is done, the software analyzes your business. It looks at everything it knows so far about your company and then runs this through 10,000,000 data points this software knows about effective affiliate campaigns in the past. While step two is a huge event, it takes less than a second for the software to complete.

Now, Purply serves you with suggestions. It will continue to do this daily, as great management services do. What kinds of suggestions can you expect to see? The software will tell you about new affiliate campaign ideas, affiliate partners you might want to connect with, commission rate information, and expectations based on current trends. Purply can also provide a sales forecast.

Here’s the real difference with this affiliate software, though: you’re not just getting data, you’re getting actionable tips. This isn’t just a search engine that shows you every affiliate publisher on the internet. It doesn’t just narrow your results by your industry. Instead, this software has looked at your business, used information on similar businesses and past sales, and then given you the best suggestions for your company’s marketing needs.

It’s these personalized results that have been difficult to get with software in the past. To get this kind of information would normally require hiring management services from a digital agency. That’s the difference software designed by a top-performing digital agency can make. The software was designed by people who understand how affiliate marketing works and what management really takes.

Growing Your Marketing With An Affiliate Program Over Time

An affiliate program is a kickstart to your marketing. Getting great connections and daily suggestions is excellent. But how does this hold up after the first month of use?

There are a couple of things to consider when looking at Purply for long term usage for your marketing management.

The first thing to know is that the program has a free trial, which always takes some of the stress out of considering any software.

Also lowering the financial risk is that there is no contract. You can purchase a subscription on a month-to-month basis.

A lot of software like this might choose to force a longer-term purchase. Purply isn’t concerned about that, because they understand that their software actually works better for companies over time.

Purply is learning software. In step two of the signup process, Purply analyzed your business and immediately started making suggestions for affiliate publishers to connect with and ways to improve your marketing. In this way, the app is valuable right off the bat.

As you use the app and grow your marketing, the management software sees what works for your business. It learns that when you took a specific action, you got a specific result. The more you do, the more it learns. This lets the software make smarter suggestions going forward.

You optimize your affiliate marketing and you typically need a great affiliate manager to do this. The program tells you how you can optimize it even further based on your actual results.

Many business owners need something to hold them accountable. Management of an affiliate program, let alone your marketing, is a big task. With daily suggestions with improved results, Purply becomes an accountability partner for your business.

This motivates many affiliate management personnel to keep seeing what will happen if they take the next step. This urges growth in your affiliate program.

Save Management Time While Improving Your Marketing

When you’re talking about putting your affiliate marketing program on autopilot, you’re talking about creating a management system for your affiliate marketing that saves you time.

With Purply offering you daily suggestions on how to optimize your affiliate marketing, you don’t have to spend days searching for information on affiliate publishers to determine who to connect with. You don’t have to spend time figuring out complicated data and how it relates to what you’re doing, because the app can show you.

Some of the most complicated parts of a successful affiliate marketing campaign are finding the right connections and organizing the program. The truly hard part for many of those struggling with the management of their affiliate marketing is making decisions.

Having the right data in front of you with suggestions on what will work, based on a long history of conversions, saves time, money, and stress.

Purply is fairly easy to learn, but they have an onboarding process and customer service that can help you. Once you’re set up and going, management becomes smooth. There’s no need to spend hours researching. There’s no need to spend days guessing and fretting.

And that’s why businesses choose to work with Purply. Yes, it will grow your marketing. Yes, it will connect you with the right affiliate for your program. Yes, it will save you a lot of stress. But the real issue here is efficiency, which means better marketing results in less time.

Are you looking for a tool to help you grow your affiliate marketing? Then it’s time to try the free trial Purply offers today.

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