4 Brands From Very Different Verticals Boast Huge Success Using Purply in Q4

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Taking a look back at Q4 2020, there’s quite a bit we can learn from the data we have at our disposal, specifically with our new SaaS product Purply.

For less than $100/mo, you can get started seeing success like these four brands I’m about to mention, maximizing the output of one’s affiliate program with the help of the software.

Of course, working with customers who value their anonymity and not wanting to play favorites, in this piece I will refer to the brands we highlight merely by their vertical and/or industry.

I believe, even if you don’t operate in the affiliate marketing realm, there’s a lot to ascertain from our data that I believe can be applied to e-commerce as a whole.

So, let’s dive right into these 4 case studies we have of some high-performing brands that represent those four verticals I mentioned who use Purply to help them find customers.

1. A Popular Apparel and Fashion Brand Dresses Up SaaS Success

Since joining our program in August, we’ve seen $46,000 in revenue, 8,000 clicks, and within just one month of using Purply, they saw a 54% increase in revenue and 54% increase in Average Order Value. In that second month, that MoM number increased 86% and Average Order Value continued to increase as well by 40%.

2. Food & Beverage Brand Cooks Up Successful Affiliate Program

Since joining Purply in November, they’ve brought in $17,322 in revenue, 2,432 clicks, 77 affiliates recruited, and worked with some of the largest shopping affiliate sites online.

3. Home & Living Brand Attracts Quarantine Crowd Using Purply

Starting with Purply in the beginning of October, the SaaS product has helped them recruit 83 affiliates, two of which have generated over $1,000 since their recruitment in late October. They’ve brought in $59,996 in revenue and 104,739 clicks.

4. Gifts & Flowers Brand Wraps Up 2020 With Promising Purply Numbers

Since joining in September, this brand saw 66 affiliates recruited, $18,681 in revenue, 10,057 clicks, and in the first quarter since joining increased clicks 24%, revenue 9.5%, and sales 15%. Safe to say they were happy with Purply and we continue working closely with them now almost halfway through January of 2021.

Interested in seeing how Purply can help your business? Please check out our website at purply.com. We’d love to help you affordably tackle the world of affiliate marketing!

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