3 Housekeeping Tips for Your eCommerce Business

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We may be edging out of spring and closer into summer, but the want to clean and totally hit the refresh button is an all-year-round thing. Resolutions and springtime may inspire it, but it’s here to stay. 

It can escalate from innocently donating a few ugly sweaters into a full-blown purge of your home almost too quickly. But this spirit of renewal isn’t just reserved for your overflowing closet of impulse purchases, crowded pantry, or desire for a Monica-Geller-worthy deep clean. It’s also always a good time to housekeep and bring some new energy to your eCommerce website. 

Ready? Grab your favorite iced coffee, pop on your favorite playlist, and let’s get to it! Even if you don’t know where to start, no worries. These tips will get you off on the right foot. 

1. Take stock of what you already have

Every good cleaning sesh starts with taking inventory of what you’ve already got, whether it’s in your closet or on your e-commerce website. Use something like Google Manufacturer Center to see analytics like conversions and data that compares your products to others in a similar or identical vertical. Then, take note of which ones are performing well and which aren’t. Try refreshing the latter with new visuals and some fresh product descriptions, then see the next step. 

2. Keep all this cleaning going strong with a sale 

Okay, let’s say you’ve identified which products aren’t moving. Well done. Now think about throwing them in the metaphorical donate bin by hosting some kind of sale. It could be a flash sale or offering discounts or promos for specific items (think buy-one-get-one). Maybe even bundle poor-performing items with ones that are doing well. No need to be aggressive with it, but even 10% off is something.

3. Breathe new life into your website content

Even the best content diminishes in value and drives less traffic over time. According to Digital Commerce 360, 94% of consumers say they’ll even give up on a website if they don’t find the product info they need. Refreshing content isn’t prioritized enough sometimes, so as a result, some products remain poorly listed with lower conversion rates than others. How do we avoid that? Well, just like you evaluate your products for performance, you need to evaluate your content, too. When you figure out exactly what content isn’t performing, it’s time to spice it up. Freshen your web content by replacing old visuals, updating main pages, or rewriting product descriptions with more color. 


I hope this equips you with some of the cleaning supplies you need to begin refreshing your eCommerce website. Cleaning always seems daunting, but if you’re anything like me, you might just end up in an almost meditative state. Don’t ask me how, though, I just sling the words around here. 

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