3 Brands That Saw Big Success In Q2 Using Purply

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Everyone has a thing and, at Purply, data is ours. If you visit our homepage alone, you’ll see at least 15 mentions of the word “data,” and it definitely doesn’t end there. 

Truth is, we’re backed by 10 years of data and it’s all rooted in some of the most successful campaigns in the affiliate channel. So, I guess you could say we’re kind of big on data-driven success.

Shoot, with all of this data that we have at our fingertips through Purply, there’s a lot we can uncover and even more that we can learn from. As of a couple of weeks ago, we’re now in the first month of the third quarter and I think now is a great time to take advantage of all this data. 

Let’s take a look at Q2 2021 and reflect on some of the successes we saw from a few brands using Purply to boost their programs. Now, before we get into everything, I won’t be referring to any of these brands by name since they value their anonymity. Instead, I’ll spotlight them by vertical. Cool? Cool. 

Okay, it’s time to get right into this Q2 review. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover! Who’s ready? 

1. Apparel & Fashion Brand Tailors Their Affiliate Program for Success with Purply

Since the beginning of Q2 2021, this brand has truly bloomed through the spring season with $1,915,701 in revenue and 113,063 in clicks. Compared to Q1 of this year, their revenue saw an increase of 43% while their conversion rate saw an increase of 29%. 

And can we just talk about their YoY growth? Since Q2 2020, the brand has seen a 192% increase in traffic and an incredible 203% increase in revenue. This apparel and fashion brand is also working with some huge shopping affiliates, two of which generated over $606,975 in revenue and 11,289 in clicks. 

2. Entertainment Brand Sets Their Sights (and Sounds) on SaaS Success

In Q2 2021, this entertainment brand brought in $34,630 in revenue and 103,551 in clicks. When talking about growth from this year’s Q1, they saw an impressive 387% increase in revenue with an overwhelming 560% increase in their conversion rate. 

3. Health & Wellness Brand Is In Great Shape With Their Q2 Purply Numbers  

It’s no surprise that the health & wellness vertical sees success during the springtime. This particular brand’s Q2 2021 produced $30,787 in revenue, 2,739 in clicks, and 17.27% in conversions. 

Compared to Q1 of this year, the brand experienced a 176% increase in traffic with a 241% increase in revenue and a 16% increase in AOV. What does that look like YoY compared to Q2 2020, though? Well, it looks like a massive 864% increase in traffic, a $1,863% increase in revenue, and a 45% increase in AOV. 


How’s that for a Q2 wrap-up? We loved seeing this success and growth from our Purply users. You know, that’s the thing about all of the data we’ve got at our side. Whether we’re analyzing millions of data points or serving daily data-based suggestions, we’re always focused on providing you with the most immediate path to success. 

If you’re interested in how Purply can help your business grow through Q3 and beyond, come check us out and learn more here

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